Mastech MS8250D Digital Multimeter

Volts AC&DC to 1000V

Current AC&DC to 10A

True RMS meter

Resistance, Frequency & Diode test

CATIII 1000V Input protection

Non contact voltage detection feature 



Mastech MS2125A Clampmeter

Current AC&DC to 1000A

Opened Jaw size : 40mm 

Voltage : DC 1000V ; AC 750V

Frequency, Capacitance and Resistance

True RMS meter

Non contact voltage detection

Inrush Current measurement function

CATIII 1000V input protection



Mastech MS2108T Clampmeter

Current AC&DC to 600A

Voltage AC&DC to 600V

Jaw opening size : 26mm

CATIII 600V input protection

Inrush current measurement function

Capacitance, Resistance & diode function

True RMS meter



Mastech MS5203A Insulation Tester

Insulation resistance Voltage to 1000V

Resistance Measurement to 10Gohm

250mA continuity test

CATIII 1000V input protection

DAR & PI measurement function

Timer Function

Voltage AC 750V and DC 1000V measurement

Resistance and continuity measurement



Mastech MS5215 Insulation Tester

Insulation Resitance Voltage up to 5kV 

Resistance measurement up to 5Tohm

CATIII 1000V input protection

Leakage Current up to 3mA

Voltage DC 1000V and AC 750V

Data Analysis software

Temperature measurement

Rechargeable battery pack



Mastech MS7221 Voltage & Milliamp Calibrator

DC Voltage output : 0-100mV & 0-10V

Current output : 0-24mA

Loop power output : 24V DC

30V input MAX



Mastech MS6531B Infrared Thermometer

-40 to 800 degrees celcius 

12:1 distance to spot ratio

Colour display 

Emissivity : 0.1 to 1.00

High/low alarm setting

Data Hold function

Min/MAX/AVG function



Mastech MS6612T Light Meter

LUX range to 200,000

FC range to 20,000

CD range to 999,900

2000 display count 

Auto ranging

Max/min feature

Zero calibration

Display backlight 



Mastech MS6416 Laser Distance Meter

Range : 0.05 to 60 meters

Accuracy : 1.5mm

Area & Volume measurement

Auto Power off

Data Logging

Display backlight



Mastech MS6208B Tachometer

Non Contact Measurement

Rpm up to 99,999

Measuring distance 50mm to 250mm

Auto power off

Data logging 

Data hold and backlight



Mastech MS6701 Sound Level Meter

Sound level : 30 to 130dB

Frequency range : 31.5Hz to 8kHz

Data logging

Auto ranging

Auto Power off

2000 count display

Date and Time display 

Data hold function

USB interface for downloading