High Voltage Detectors


High Voltage Detector

6.6kV to 132kV

Fast response time, less than 1 second

High impact ABS body

Self test facility

Shock and drop resistant

Wide range of available accessories, see datasheet





25 foot telescopic Hot Stick

ASTM F 1826-00 specification

Length when extended 7.78 m (25 ft)

6 Sections

Suitable for voltage ranging 1 to 132 kV

Rubber hook latch

Base cap for better stability

Triangular design for easy operation

Easy replacement sections

Heavy duty carry bag included

Comes with conformance certificate


Amprobe TIC300 PRO High Voltage Detector

Verifies presence of voltage from 30 VAC to 122,000 VAC (122kV )

VolTect™ alert warns that voltage is present with bright flashing lights and loud beeps

Push button self-test verifies that tester is working properly

Drop-proof to 6 feet (1.8m)

Includes CC-300PRO carrying case, users manual and batteries





Amprobe TIC 410A Hot Stick 

Attaches to the TIC-300 PRO

Extends voltage detection level from 1500V AC to 122,000V AC (122kV)

Expands to 57" long and collapses to 33 for easy storage