LCR Meters


Mastech smart SMD Tweezer 8910

3000 Count LCD display

Fully automated testing for Resistance,Capacitance & Diode

Continuity funtion

Gold plated test pins

10 minute auto power off




Mastech smart SMD Tweezer 8910A

6000 Count LCD display 

Auto check and auto ranging

Measure frequency selection : 100Hz,120Hz,1KHz,10kHz

Auto power off




GW Instek LCR 6000 Series 

3.5 inch colour screen

5 models in the range 

Testing frequencies from 10Hz to 300kHz

Measuring speed up to 25ms 

Pass/Fail judgement

High Precision and  high resolution unit 



GW Instek LCR 900 Series 

20,000/2000 count dual display 

Test Frequency : 100Hz,120Hz,1kHz,10kHz & 100kHz

Auto LCR mode for DUT measuring 

Sorting mode for quality control

Auto power off

Measurement parameters : L,C,R,D,Q,ESR,DCR