Siglent SDS2000X series Scope

Bandwidth : 70, 100, 200 and 300MHz configurations

Sampling rate up to 2 GSa/s

2 channel and 4 channel options

140 Mpts memory depth

Option to have a built in 25MHz function generator 



Siglent SDS1000X series Scope

100 and 200MHz Bandwidth options

Sampling rate up to 1 GSa/s

2 channel with EXT trigger

14 Mpts memory depth

Option to include 25Mhz Arbitrary waveform generator



Siglent SDS1000CFL Series Scope

Bandwidth : 70, 100, 200, 300MHz

2 and 4 channel options

Sampling rate up to 1 GSa/s

12 Kpts memory depth

Option to have channels isolated




Siglent 1000DL+ Series Scope

50 MHz bandwidth option

Sampling rate up to 500 MSa/s

30 Kpts Memory depth

2 channels and EXT trigger

Option to have channels isolated



Siglent SHS1000 series Handheld Scope

Isolated input channels

CATIII 600V input protection

Bandwidth : 60 & 100MHz

1GSa/s sampling rate

Combined oscilloscope, multimeter & recorder

2 channels & 2 Mpts memory depth



Tektronix TBS1000 Series

Bandwith : 30 to 200MHz 

2 and 4 channel configurations

Sample rate up to 2GS/s

2.5kpts memory depth 



Tektronix MSO/DPO 2000B Series

Bandwidth : 70, 100 and 200 MHz options

2 and 4 analog channel configurations

16 digital channels (MSO range only)

1GS/s sample rate

1Mpts memory depth



Tektronix TPS2000 series Portable Scope

2 & 4 isolated channel configurations

Bandwidth : 100MHz and 200MHz

Sampling rate up to 2GS/s

Memory depth 2.5kpts

Portable unit with 8 hour battery life

Up 1000V CATII max voltage input




Tektronix THS3000 series Handheld Scope 

Bandwidth : 100 and 200 MHz options

Channels : 4 isolated channels

Memory depth : 10kpts

Sample rate : Up to 5GS/s

CATIII 600V input protection





Please note that the offering on our website is just a fraction of what is available in our catalogue. If you dont see what you are looking for then please contact us so we can find the right tool for your application.